On-site OSHA Safety and Health Training Delivers High Value to Organizations and Workers

The potential cost to organizations in workers’ compensation claims, lost production time and OSHA fines for noncompliance makes safety training a practical return on investment.

Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Responsibility for Temporary Workers is Determined by Supervision

When a staffing agency supplies temporary workers to a business, the staffing agency and the host employer are both responsible to some degree for determining the conditions of employment and for complying with the law.

Six Steps to an Effective Hazard Communication Program for Employers That Use Hazardous Chemicals

Employers that use hazardous chemicals in their workplaces are required by OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), 29 CFR 1910.1200, to implement a written hazard communication program.

OSHA Publishes Hazard Communication Guidelines for Employers That Use Hazardous Chemicals

OSHA recently published Hazard Communication: Small Entity Compliance Guide for Employers That Use Hazardous Chemicals to specifically address employer responsibilities under the HCS.

Cal/OSHA Advisory Committee Meeting Documents–May 8, 2014

This post has links to minutes and reports from the May 8, 2014 Cal/OSHA Advisory Committee Meeting.