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During a recent OSHA 510 Construction Standards course, a question was raised about how to search OSHA’s database for citations.  OSHA’s establishment search page  or OSHA enforcement database allows you to search by company name, inspection number, or NAICS/SIC codes for OSHA violations that resulted from OSHA enforcement inspections.  OSHA’s database contains information on over 3 million inspections that have been conducted by OSHA enforcement at a federal and state level since 1972 and is updated on a daily basis.

A more current resource from the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL)–OSHA’s parent agency–provides enforcement data from many of its agencies including OSHA.  The U.S. DOL has created several interactive statistical graphs that display relatively current data from OSHA inspections, OSHA violations, and OSHA accident data.  Additionally, there is an interactive map that shows inspection data from OSHA, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), and the Wage and Hour Division (WHD).  When a red or blue marker is selected from the map, the map provides a summary of the company information, number of inspections conducted, number of citations issued, initial and current penalties, and a link to view the employer’s entire OSHA establishment history.  The U.S. DOL webpage also has the capability of filtering data by agency, state and zip code in order to allow easy access to the data that you are seeking.

During the OSHA 510 class, the application of this data and how it can be effectively used was discussed and a summary of those items include:

  • Performing a review of your company’s OSHA history
  • Reviewing the OSHA history of  prospective employers
  • Checking up on subcontractors that are on your jobs
  • Screening prospective subcontractors

A student in the class was unhappy when he discovered that a citation was recorded in OSHA’s database that he had successfully argued and was dismissed during an OSHA informal conference.  It was explained to the student that once a citation is entered into OSHA’s database, even if it is successfully appealed, the original entry is permanent and cannot be removed.  The OSHA database does allow for the entry to be amended to reflect the current status of the citation, but it can never be removed.

If you have questions or need assistance while you are searching OSHA’s establishment pages, visit OSHA’s help page which defines the parameters for searching and will help you effectively find the information that you are seeking.

OSHA Establishment Resources

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  1. If I am interviewing at a company and wish to find out if a citation was ever issued to them and the exact nature of the citation; how do I go about getting that information. The details you note in your article just give me the basics whereas I would like to know more of the findings of the OSHA Office which issues it and what are the facts. Thank You!

  2. Hi, having trouble searching by ‘company’. Please provide assistance.


  3. Hello!

    I was wondering if you know if inspections done by the state from states that have state agreements with OSHA (Arizona for example) would show up in the OSHA establishment search. If not do these states typically provide a way to search inspections online?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Ted Bergin says

    Our construction company was cited for 2 serious violations in September of 2015 (South Carolina OSHA). During our informal settlement talks we agreed to combine the 2 citations into a single (1) serious citation and pay the fine for that. On the OSHA establishment search page, it now shows up as 3 serious citations and a cumulative fine of all of the dollars. This makes us look very bad to potential clients. What can we do to remedy this situation and make the search reflect the final outcome?

  5. South Carolina has a State plan in addition to Federal OSHA offices. Contact information for you regional OSHA Office can be found at https://www.osha.gov/oshdir/sc.html.

    Also, your local chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers have great resources. Your local Chapter is found at http://southcarolina.asse.org.

    Hope this helps.

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