Take Your Safety Career to the Next Level! Earn a Professional Safety Certificate

The OSHA Training Institute Education Center’s Professional Safety Certificate Program is designed to broaden your safety expertise, boost workplace hazard awareness and prevention and take your career and your organization’s safety program to the next level. Certificate courses provide focused, real-world information that is immediately applicable to help expand your safety and health knowledge. You can choose from four certificate programs to match your career goals for professional development in occupational safety and health.

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Safety Associate Certificate

The Safety Associate Certificate – Level 1 provides participants with a solid foundation to accurately address OSHA regulations affecting their industries and to help maintain compliance. You can tailor your program to reflect your areas of interest through a combination of required courses and electives.

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Specialist in Safety & Health

The Specialist in Safety and Health Certificate – Level 2 is designed to expand and improve the practical skills of those responsible for employee health and safety. You will examine critical safety and health issues of private industry and government, and learn to manage a proactive health and safety program.

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Certified Safety & Health Official

The Certified Safety and Health Official Certificate – Level 3 guides participants through the growing web of employee safety and health regulations, including liability, training, loss control and program development and implementation. You can earn an OSHA certificate in either Construction or General Industry.

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Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals Certificate 

The Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals Certificate supports OSHA’s mission by training public sector employees in occupational safety and health to reduce incident rates for workers in state and local governments. You can customize your certificate program to reflect your areas of interest by pursuing the Construction or General Industry certificate through required courses and electives.

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