How to Become a Certified OSHA Trainer

How to Become a Certified OSHA TrainerOne of the most common questions we receive at the OSHA Training Center is “How do I become certified by OSHA?” or “How do I become a certified OSHA trainer?”  While you can’t actually become a “Certified” OSHA trainer as OSHA doesn’t certify trainers or training programs, OSHA does offer outreach training program courses, which allows qualified individuals to become an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers in a variety of industries, including construction, general industry, maritime, Cal/OSHA, and disaster site worker.

How do I become an OSHA Outreach Trainer?

You must complete three steps to become an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer:

  1. Have safety experience in your industry ranging from 3-5 years
  2. Complete the OSHA Standards Course for your industry
  3. Complete the OSHA Trainer Course for your industry

The OSHA Training Center has developed a tool to help you quickly determine which courses are required to teach the OSHA Outreach Program for your industry.  Whether you are seeking to teach the 10-hour or 30-hour courses for construction, general industry, maritime, Cal/OSHA, or disaster site workers the OSHA Training Center’s 3 Steps to Becoming an OSHA Outreach Trainer tool provides the answers to your questions.

What is the OSHA Outreach Program?

The OSHA Outreach Training Program was initiated in 1971, and is designed to provide workers with training on the recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of workplace hazards.  The Outreach Program is OSHA’s primary vehicle for training the U.S. workforce and has grown in popularity in recent years, over 3.5 million workers have been trained in OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour safety training courses between 2005-2010.  Visit our website under Outreach Program for additional information about OSHA’s Outreach Program.

Where can I receive the training to become an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer?

The OSHA Training Center offers all of OSHA’s courses that are required to become an Outreach Trainer throughout California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada and Guam.  Detailed information about courses required to become an Outreach Trainer can be found at the following links:

Construction Industry Required Courses

General Industry Required Courses

Maritime Industry Required Courses

Cal/OSHA Construction Industry Required Courses

Cal/OSHA General Industry Required Courses

Disaster Site Preparedness Required Courses (available only for current OSHA Outreach Trainers)



  1. Agapito Moreno says

    I need information on classes to become a Osha for the electrical trade. I have 18 years experience in the res. and commercial field. I am hold a license in Texas(journeyman) and Arkansas(master) I am familiar and have completed the for the Osha 30. I would appreciate any info. I am also biligual U.S. citizen. There is a great need for bilingual instructors here in our region. Thank you. Agapito Moreno

  2. Andrew Osagiede says

    Please how can I get certified as OSHA trainer here in Nigeria.

    • OSHA Outreach Trainers are certified for U.S. audiences, as OSHA only has jurisdiction over U.S. territory. However, you can attend any train the trainer class in the U.S. and become certified to teach OSHA classes anywhere you like – some of the information may not be pertinent (regarding regulations, etc.) but most of the information is internationally important.

      OSHA Education Centers are located throughout the U.S. Here is a link to find one that works best for you:

      If you’re coming to California, come to one of our classes! Here’s a link to our class schedule:

  3. Jigyasa Shirke says

    I am a freelance trainer and also pursuing M.Tech environmental engineering final semester in India.
    Can I become OSHA outreach certified trainer? If so, how?
    Jigyasa Shirke

    • Mr. Shirke, I just answered a similar question to the poster before you. Here it is again for your information:

      OSHA Outreach Trainers are certified for U.S. audiences, as OSHA only has jurisdiction over U.S. territory. However, you can attend any train the trainer class in the U.S. and become certified to teach OSHA classes anywhere you like – some of the information may not be pertinent (regarding regulations, etc.) but most of the information is internationally important.

      OSHA Education Centers are located throughout the U.S. Here is a link to find one that works best for you:

      If you’re coming to California, come to one of our classes! Here’s a link to our class schedule:

  4. I’m a survivor of an on-the-job 32′ fall onto concrete on 4-2-13. I was working in the fire sprinkler trade when it happened. With my fall experience as well as being a professional improv comedian, I feel my calling to be a safety trainer is a good one. I can get people to pay attention! Wait til they see my X-rays!! Whom do I contact to become certified in Fall Awareness training or similar?


    Mike Conner

    • First of all, Mr. Conner, congratulations on surviving the fall! Holy smokes!
      OSHA Training Institute Education Centers have two types of instructors: Outreach Trainers, who do 10-hour and 30-hour safety classes; and instructors who teach all the other OSHA-numbered classes. The first requirement is that you have to first take any course that you would like to teach, so if you’re interested in specifically fall awareness, OSHA #3115 Fall Protection and OSHA #7405 Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry would be a good place to start. Here is the URL to our website’s A-Z Index for you to find those and other courses:
      Good luck with your new career!

  5. I currently have both TCEQ Water and Wastewater and have been in the industry as a trainer since 1991. I have a BS degree in Training Development and Design. How do I go about becoming and OSHA Certified Instructor? I live in Houston, TX., are there any training centers in Houston?
    Gloria Guerra

    • Hello Gloria, Yes, we have an OTI Ed. Ctr. at the University of Texas at Arlington, which offers classes in Houston. Please contact them directly regarding becoming an instructor for them.
      The University of Texas at Arlington
      OSHA Education Center
      140 W. Mitchell Box 19197
      Arlington, TX 76010-1801
      (866) 906-9190

      Thank you for your interest,
      Julia Dozier

  6. Jim Mariner says

    What do I have to do to become an osha trainer I work in the oil drilling industry as well as the fresh water and the waste water industry. We seem to have a big turnover in our company and every time we hire someone new nine times out of time they don’t have their osha card so we have to find someone who they can go to. So in order to save us some headaches I want to be able to do the training in house. Any help and guidance you can give me would be very much appreciated. I don’t have a college degree however I do have a high school diploma. Any way I could really use some help. Thank you in advance

  7. Ashley Reyes says

    Hi, my question pertains to the work history. Does the required safety experience in a general field have to be work experience that has OSHA training as a requirement?

    • OSHA training is a requirement IN ADDITION TO field/work experience. OSHA does not issue waivers for the trainer course prerequisites. The prerequisites contain separate requirements for experience and training. Experience is not considered a substitute for the training prerequisite. If you believe that your previous training was equivalent to the OSHA standards course required for the industry, you may send a written request for a training equivalency evaluation. You will be required to submit documentation to substantiate your training and curriculum. Written requests for training equivalency evaluation may be sent to:

      OSHA Office of Training and Educational Programs
      2020 S. Arlington Heights Rd.
      Arlington Heights, IL 60005-4102

  8. Mike Smith says


    I own a fire service company and I have had a lot of my customers ask me to provide a fire safety class (different types of fires, proper use of fire extinguishers, etc) to satisfy the OSHA requirement for annual training. I have an OSHA-10 card. What additional training do I need in order to offer these classes and be able to present OSHA fire training cards to participants?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Mike,
      There is no OSHA class that is designed specifically for teaching fire extinguisher use. I suggest that you contact your local fire department and see if they have a course.

  9. I have 34 years experience in Long Term Care Settings as a supervisor with over 10 years experience in their Emergency Response Team (Behaviors, Fires, Medical, etc.) and 25 years as a American Heart Association BLS Instructor. I am interested in becoming certified for OSHA general industry training. How can determine if my work background is sufficient. I know I would have to take the OSHA courses.

    • Hi Dennis,

      There are no prerequisites for you to attend the 511-General Industry Standards course. This course covers Federal OSHA policies, procedures and standards, as well as general industry safety and health principles and is the prerequisite course to the OSHA 501 Trainer Course for General Industry. Topics include scope and application of the OSHA General Industry Standards. Special emphasis is placed on those areas that are the most hazardous in non-construction industries, using OSHA standards as a guide. Learn to apply the appropriate Federal OSHA standard that applies to hazards in General Industry. For additional information or to enroll

  10. John Wilson says

    I currently have the OSHA 30 hour course. What are the steps that I need to take,to become an OSHA certified trainer? Thanks

    • Hi John,
      The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Outreach Training Program was established to train workers in the basics of safety and health hazard recognition and prevention. OSHA authorizes trainers, who complete the 4-day construction or general industry train-the-trainer courses, to conduct the 10-hour and 30-hour construction or general industry safety and health hazard recognition and prevention courses. For more details visit
      Thank you!

  11. keith lawson says

    I am a Journeyman Electrician and I am considering go to work for a company that works on and installs machinery. They asked if I would be interested in becoming their HSE manager and I am needing to know what OSHA certifications would be needed.

  12. Robert Lee Felia says

    Are there recognized osha outreach training center in the Philippines? Where can I see the list?

  13. Robert Lee Felia says

    Is Miss F Marie Athey certified osha trainer in good standing and can handle osha 30 training for general industry?

  14. Nwose kelvin says

    Goodday, i am kelvin from Nigeria,please can i know the requirement to becomer a member and trainer for OSHA in Nigeria. Thanks

  15. maria orozco says

    Im intrested in becoming an OSHA trainer or related to OSHA have no idea how to start, for agriculture field work.on hiw to keep tje people healthy under the sun and to teach those that dont know their right and are being taken advantage of by their supervisors for not knowing english and not knowing there work rights.thank you any info will help me to get started on getting cerrified or legal to act on giving the right information.

  16. Abdelkhalig says

    I have osha 30 hours general industry and 30 hours construction, and I would like to be outreach trainer can you help me I’m in Richmond , VA

  17. Mario Osorio says

    How’s it going I’m 23 years old and I recently started working for this dog food company i’m very interested in learning and expanding my knowledge on Osha guidelines on proper PPE and other stuff .. I’ve noticed in my company we just have one safety guy but we have a lot of minorities as a bilingual I figure I can work my way up the ladder if I have the proper education I figure I can work my way up the ladder if I have the proper education but have no idea where to start or what courses to take… Thank you for your time

  18. Are there any recognized osha outreach training center in Qatar? Where can I see the list?

  19. James A Mercer says

    Do I need a college degree in order to teach the OSHA 10 and 30 class.

  20. Ramez Talha says

    Am from Egypt
    What to do to become an authorized OSHA trainer

  21. Hi, I live in NYC and work as a certified construction site fire safety manager for 3 years. Am I qualify to become osha 10/30hr trainer after completing the osha courses?
    I do not have any college credentials

  22. I am interested in becoming an OSHA trainer. I have OSHA 10 Construction. If I take the OSHA 500 course, would I be able to also teach OSHA General? Also, I do not have construction experience but I have over 15 years of Health & Safety experience (teaching first Aid and CPR) as well as 5 years as an EMT (Hazardous materials, etc.). Does this qualify me as having experience?

  23. Hi, I am a worker in the power industry and my company is currently providing us with “Qualified Electrical Worker Training “ from a freelance trainer. Unfortunately, judging by the lecture it seem like this person does not have the qualifications nor credentials to train me to safely work on high voltage equipment (I am an electrical engr.) Are there any requirements or credentials that are needed to be a freelance trainer / consultant? … or about anyone can claim to be a trainer, so I will be expected to work on high voltage equipment because I got qualified by that incompetent freelance educator? Maybe there are some OSHA regulations that govern this non-sense? I am worried because this effects the entire team, and type of work that we do is extremely dangerous. The company has picked his services because the bid for contract was the lowest.

  24. I have been working in the construction Industry as a Supt. for large General contractors for 25+ years, my job has required me to perform safety audits, safety orientation and various other roles in the safety field, would any of this experience count towards the prerquisites to become a trainer? To teach Fall protection would it require me to take the 500, 510 and the OSHA 3115?

  25. So I’m in Aviation and would like to become an out reach OSHA Trainer. Is there a certification program that applies to this industry?

  26. Robert Ring says

    I have been asked to become a certified trainer for fire extinguisher use for the purpose of training our employees. What are the requirements, education, work experience, courses, etc. to obtain the certification.
    Thank you

  27. So my company is involved in telecommunication tower construction, maintenance, and repair. I recently read an article from 2015 that OSHA posted that states that there is not a industry-wide training and certification program, and was curious if there has been any progress in making that happen. We send our guys to different training throughout their tenure with us, but I’m interested in an opportunity to set up an OSHA backed training. A lot of the training that these guys go through is out of a book, whereas a lot of the guys working in this industry are more hands on learners. Book knowledge is great and is a part of what they will need to know, but having their hands on the tower, winch, or gin pole or knowing how to tie proper knots play a major role in the safety of a worker. I’m curious to know where OSHA is on having industry-wide training and certification for this field and if there is a possibility on being an OSHA certified trainer?

  28. Michele Bettini says


    If you are an OSHA 10 hour instructor, can you teach the class in English and give the test in Spanish?

  29. I currently have my OSHA 10,30,510,511,30HR, and 40hr HAZWOPER. I have 4 years in the downstream petroleum industry. Besides the 500 or the 501,are there any other things that I may need to become a OSHA trainer? Thanks

    • Being a good trainer requires the ability to communicate with a mixed audience, keep them engaged and entertained–as well as the knowledge and experience of safety principles. Taking the 500/501 trainer level courses will help you learn presentation techniques and class preparation. I strongly advise that you take these courses once you meet the required 5 years of industry safety experience required by OSHA as prerequisites. Contact our office for clarification or if you have additional questions (866) 936-6742.

  30. Caroline Doyle says

    I currently work in the trucking industry that hauls hazmat materials. What course would you recommend for me.

  31. Angie S says

    I am interested in becoming a certified OSHA trainer for dental offices or health care practices in general. Do you know how I go about that industry?

  32. Hi Angie,
    The OSHA Outreach Trainer program is what we recommend however there are strict prerequisites that have to be met before you are authorized as a trainer. You can learn more by visiting or calling us at 866-936-6742.

    Thank you.

  33. Elliott w. Switzer says

    We are trying to set up signal,rigger training for our employees. I would like any information help we can get.

  34. Hello,

    I want to OPEN an OSHA training center outside the US. How can I go about doing this, is this even authorized by OSHA.

    thank you

  35. Hello

    Where can I find information and get a full detailed training to become a Safety and Compliance officer for a Medicare Advantage company HR Department.

    Thank you,

    • Becoming a Safety Officer takes time and dedication. I suggest that you start by taking courses from our OSHA Training Institute Education Center that will help you build the knowledge base you will need as your hands-on experience increases with your job. I suggest starting with the OSHA 511 and building from there. Go to our website and search for classes that work with your schedule.
      Hope this helps.

  36. Barbara Ogbole says

    I did the 132 – hour OSHA training in 2014. I am interested in becoming an outreach OSHA trainer in Nigeria. Do i need to undergo another training before my organisation can get accredited as an OSHA TRAINER.?

  37. Johnathan pinero says

    I’m looking into getting my OSHA 30. Do I need my HS diploma to enroll?

  38. Hello, I am currently a safety director for an underground mining company that includes construction. I have 40+ years in the mining industry with 20 years in the safety field.and I am also an MSHA certified trainer. I am interested in being an OSHA certified trainer in a few years. I noticed in some of the posts that some individuals and myself do not have a college degree or CSP. Would we have to obtain a CSP at a minimum?

  39. John W Davis says

    There is NO training facilities for instructors east of the Mississippi ?

  40. Is there a process for those of us that work overseas? I have 5 degrees culminating in an MS, been doing safety work since the early 80’s, and have had my CSP for a couple decades now BUT I spend 99% of my time outside the US working.

  41. Katherine Dench says


    I’d like to become a OSHA trainer in Laboratory Safety in Massachusetts. I couldn’t find anything about laboratory specific trainer courses.

    Please advise.

  42. Melanie Rosen says

    Which program is appropriate for training in medical and/or law offices? Is a degree required? My husband and I are considering starting a business as OSHA trainers in these areas.

    • Hi Melanie,

      The regulations that would apply most to your areas of interest would be the General Indstry Standards. I always suggest that those seeking to increase their knkowledge of safety and the regulatory requirements begin by taking a standards class. In your case I recommend the OSHA 511 Standards for General Industry course. Here is a link to view our class schedule

      Hope this helps.

  43. Sudye Hansen says

    Hi , I m looking for OSHA certification in dental. I havent seen anything related to that.

    • Hello Sudye,
      There is no OSHA certification in Dental that I am aware of. I suggest that you contact your local community college as many of them have programs that are quite good.

      Hope this helps!

  44. Great post. Look forward to seeing more blogs from you

  45. Doug Guston says

    I have been training and issuing certifications to our employees for about 2 years using train the trainer materials of courses that I have attended. I’ve had a GC on one of our sites tell me that I need to have a trainer # on all of my certifications that I issue. I have never heard of this before. Does this sound correct? If so, where would I obtain this number?

  46. Hello
    I have a sibling that in the past year started their own masonry company, and it has become quite successful. They are getting enough work that they are looking for an in house OSHA trainer for different sites. They asked me, if I was interested in the position, since I have some teaching experience but my experience is in the graphic industry. Coming from someone like me that has NO EXPERIENCE, in the masonry/construction industry. What do I need to know and do to be certified trainer? Where do I start?

    • Hi Edgar,
      I suggest that you start by educating yourself in safety by taking an OSHA 510 Standards for the Construction Industry class. This class will provide you a good foundation of multiple construction topics as well as help get you more familiar with OSHA standards. You can find a class schedule at if you are in California, Nevada or Hawaii. Otherwise, go to and search for an Education Center nearest you who offers the class.

      Hope this helps!

  47. Hello, I am a professional in the Dental Industry for the past 30 years and have had training on OSHA each year as required in Michigan. I want to become a certified trainer in this field. Looking for some advice on which program I should choose.

    Thank you

  48. I am interested to get the OSHA Certification in New York.

    Please I form me the training center detail to contact them.


  49. Joseph Mathew says

    I have opened a consulting firm (quality and HSE) in Pear-land reacently. I am having 33 years experience in general and construction industry and held position as QHSE Manager with oil and gas construction industry in the Middle East. I am a registered IRCA Lead Assessor (OHSAS 18001 & ISO 45001) since 2010 and OSHAD Lead Assessor for OSHAD Abu Dhabi. I am a tutor for IRCA lead Assessor training (ISO 45001) and other industrial safety trainings since 2014. Holding Masters degree e (MBA) from University of Manchester in Engineering business management and good exposure in occupational health and Safety as HSE Consultant.
    How can I be an outreach OSHA trainer? How can I proceed further to achieve my goal? I am new to US and looking forward your guidance on subject.

  50. Mai Ibrahim Naeem says

    I have a maritime and petroleum services company in Egypt and I would like to be an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer. Can you please guide me to the steps I need to take.

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